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Midweek services begin at 6:30pm in the main sanctuary and are geared toward Young Adults but open to all ages to attend.

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FC Young Adults

FC Young Adults is Faith Chapel’s thriving Young Adult Ministry. Meeting Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the main sanctuary, along with a meal beforehand, an incredible Children’s Ministry, growth groups and so much more. This mid-week gathering is one you won’t want to miss. 

We preach the uncompromised Gospel while keeping worship a priority in all we do. Our heart is to help take your relationship with Almighty God to the next level while building meaningful and enjoyable relationships for everybody present.


FC Young Adults 6:30pm-7:45pm

Located in the main sanctuary 

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Falling In Love Again

Marked By Love

"I Want More"

Falling In Love Again

Falling in love with God is not a one time thing. Rather, it’s a daily endeavor. We refuse to ride the wave generated the day of our salvation only. Every single day, we choose to cultivate passionate devotion to the Lord. Like a spouse gazing into the eyes of their lover each morning, choosing to let their love grow each and every day. Those desiring to fall in love again and again will make great effort to keep the flame of their love burning bright. We refuse to get stagnant. We’re gonna burn brighter, longer and hotter than ever before.

Marked By Love

The greatest display of love occurred over 2,000 years ago when Jesus laid His life down on the cross. When we make Jesus both Savior & Lord we’re essentially saying that we’re allowing His radical love to mark our lives. His love has marked our lives in such a significant way that we’re choosing to live different. We choose to be reminded of His great love and what permission His love has given us. Permission to be different. Permission to strive for holiness. Permission to walk in power. Permission to influence the world around us. Marked ones help mark others by modeling well what it looks like to be a real Christian, marked by love.

"I Want More"

How satisifed are you with where you're currently at with your relationship with God? He is never tapped out, we're the ones that diminish our desire for more. Our passion for more of Him as He yearns for more of us is tied to faith. We believe our cry for more pleases Him and it becomes a posture of our heart. Never get stuck. Make the cry of your heart..."I WANT MORE!"

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