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WomEns Ministry

A place for ladies of all ages to belong and be real.  We are growing together in our faith.  And  we are committed to making a difference in our relationships, our community and our world.

Hands Up
Women Holding Hands

Our Prayer


 We are praying for doors to open and the love of God to be poured out over the women of our communities and circles of influence. For WoMIN to be a space carved out, cultivating an atmosphere of vulnerability, producing a genuine and God-centered sisterhood. We are praying for a ministry where love is planted and bridges of the heart can grow, connecting women of all ages, backgrounds, life stages, because we serve an intentional God, and every life experience holds value and a testimony of encouragement. We are praying for a space where walls can come down in an atmosphere of openness; where deliberate and God-centered love casts out all judgement and fear, allowing true growth to take place; an atmosphere where wins, losses, and testimonies of all shapes and sizes are celebrated. We are praying for a platform of supernatural spiritual, emotional, and relational growth; bringing with it, a layer of loving accountability where being a Christian is not just about attending a Sunday service, rather a lifestyle we can live out side-by-side. We trust and believe God is working amidst our prayers. In Jesus name, amen.

Image by Alexis Brown

GET Connected

One way we grow and stay connected is through the power of small groups. Click below for steps on how to join a group today! 

Tuesday @ 9:30 AM

Thursday @ 10:00 AM

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