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Connect Classes

CLASS: The Holy Spirit In Our Lives | TEACHERS: Ed and Debbie Jarrell | LOCATION: C215

The Holy spirit was there at creation. The Holy spirit is part of the trinity of God. But how much do you really know about the Holy Spirit? Do you want to know more of who the Holy Spirit is? What are the fruits of the Spirit and what do they mean? What are the gifts of the Holy spirit? What is baptism in the Holy Spirit? What is the manifestation of tongues? Do you want the power of the Holy Spirit in your life? The answer to these questions and more will be explored in the class, “The Holy Spirit in Our Lives.” This Connect Class will go deep into the Holy spirit and the relationship you can have with him. Presented by Ed Jarrell in room 215 each Sunday at 8:30 beginning January 8 th , 2023.

CLASS: The Epistles of Peter, John, and Jude | TEACHER: Eric Madril | LOCATION: LL4

We will be going through the Epistles of Peter, John and Jude. As we read through the epistle of Peter; we will learn how to conduct ourselves like Jesus did through this life; which can be challenging at times to say the least. We will see how Peter wrote to the scattered churches what God had done in history and the hope God has given us for the future. When we remember these things, we can strive to be a holy people in any relationship we have and through any suffering we face. We will see how John urges the Christian community to hold fast to what they had been taught and to repudiate heretical teachings. Christians are exhorted to persevere in leading a moral life, which means imitating Christ by keeping the commandments especially that of loving one another. And in Jude we will see how he encourages his readers to “earnestly contend for the faith” against ungodly teachers, who had entered the Church and were promoting immoral behavior and false teachings that denied the Lord Jesus Christ (Jude 1:3). Hope to see you there as we seek to grow and mature in Christ as a community of believers.

CLASS: Expedition | TEACHERS: Dr. Timothy and Shari Dresselhaus | LOCATION: Hospitality Suite 

A Ten-Week Journey through the Bible offers a panoramic view of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. While highlighting the historical, cultural, and geographical settings, each episode focuses on key passages of Scripture that illustrate the unfolding plan of God and reveal the unbroken chain of redemptive events that lead to Jesus' first coming and anticipate His second coming. Participants will grow in their appreciation of the Bible and in their understanding of the relation of the whole of Scripture to its parts, promoting a lifelong walk with Jesus through the study of His Word.

CLASS: A Blessed Life | TEACHER: Richard Dinnen | LOCATION: C214

Our culture is saturated with false teaching on what it means to be blessed, but what does the Bible say about it? How can we truly live blessed lives? In this six week series is based on Pastor Robert Morris’s bestselling book, The Blessed Life: Unlocking the Rewards of Generous Living, you’ll be encouraged and challenged to change the way you think about generosity and living a full, blessed life. This updated series features new examples and testimonies.


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