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Pastor Brandon Harrison’s Keep Up the Good Work | Summary and Reflection

Pastor Brandon began his sermon with a story. For the last decade, every Saturday he would talk to Grandpa Jones about life. Each conversation would end with “keep up the good work!”. It was a reminder that he WAS doing good work, and an encouragement to be consistent and keep growing.

Usually, we praise the big accomplishments and special moments in life, but not the everyday parts of life. Showing up daily to a job, a marriage, or school may not seem new and spectacular, but it is so important to keep going and “Keep up the good work!”.

Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light shine before others so they may see your good work and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

What about today – a regular Sunday before Easter? What are we doing this week before Easter? What was Jesus doing before Palm Sunday and Easter? Many verses tell us what He was doing: Matthew 20:29-34; Matthew 20:20-28; Mark 10:17-22 Matthew 19. We see Jesus healing, teaching and seeking right before Palm Sunday. Today He is STILL teaching, healing and seeking. He has “kept up the good work”.

Sometimes as we lead up to changes in life, such as graduations, a wedding, or transitions, we stop keeping up consistency and work. Yet, coaches remind athletes to keep doing consistent good work when they play. We need to keep doing the work God has for us in seasons of transition in life. When you don’t know your next move, obey the last thing God told you to do! When you don’t know your next step, keep going. Everything God says doesn’t always seem to line up with your current situation. You are still God’s child. Remember what God told you before this day.

3 Questions to take home for self- examination:

1. What are you teaching?

2. Who are you healing?

3. What are you seeking?

What are you teaching?

What is the message your life is teaching others – your kids, coworkers and neighbors?

We are examples. Others know us by our love and life story. Deut. 6:6-7 reminds us to teach our children throughout the day and by example. Many verses show that Jesus was always teaching. (Matthew 4:23, Matthew 5:2, John 11:28, John 18:20, Matthew 7:28, John 7:16) What can we learn from Jesus so that we can teach and give love to others?

Who are you healing?

Jesus was always healing. The Healer wants to heal YOU of shame, heal your physical body, heal your marriage, career, and dreams – every aspect of your life. We need to realize what we need healed and how our heart can be healed before we can help others. Who are you healing with your life and encouragement? It isn’t by our power. We step out to pray for others and God heals.

What are you Seeking?

Jesus was always seeking. What was he seeking—the lost. He is still seeking. Jesus seeks our all – our heart and our fully surrendered life. What are you seeking?

Don’t just seek after God to be used by Him or for what He can give you. Seek His

presence, His face and who He is.

Pastor Brandon was reminded how we can take what we have for granted when his father passed away. We may have been in church all our lives, yet not seeking God’s presence. Seek Him.

What was Jesus doing the week before Palm Sunday and Easter?

He was teaching.

He was healing.

He was seeking.

Follow that model in our daily lives and in times of transition. Be consistent in seasons of wilderness and seasons of joy. Keep up the good work!

Jesus invites us to be His in every area of our life. We are reminded to be thankful for another day to teach, to heal and to seek as we encourage and influence others.

Written by Debbie Jarrell

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