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Fresh - Pastor Josiah Elias

Updated: May 8

Pastors Josiah and Ashley spoke about the past midweek service. These services began at the beginning of the year with teaching on the Holy Spirit – His attributes, indwelling work of the Spirit and the empowering of the Spirit. Wednesday night was exciting! God hijacked the service! Many were touched by God and filled with the Spirit. It was a powerful evening encountering the Lord.


Our mission is the Culture like Christ and our vision is Jesus.  Him and Him alone. He encompasses all we need and desire. We are focusing on the things of Jesus – studying what He said and did. He showed us how to live by what He modeled and when He said, “Follow me”.

We can’t follow only a part of the Bible and what Jesus taught. We take it all: the whole enchilada or nada!


Matthew 9:9

Matthew had a secure job but was an outcast. He was considered a betrayer because he was helping the Romans collect taxes. Jesus told Matthew and others to “Follow Me”.  He still asks that of us today – to follow Him and become like Him.


Matthew 9:10

Jesus was eating with Matthew and sinners. He was in a sour environment, but He was the influencer. This is how light dispels darkness. You and I are to walk in like, living missionally. Jesus was breaking all the rules of the day by eating with such sinners. He was introducing something new. Like a doctor, he was offering the antidote for the sickness of the world. Jesus was on a mission to influence. We need to be the dominant influence wherever we are, even in the darkest places. God may put you in a place to influence others. If a place is hurting you and influencing you negatively, you may need to pray the God places you where you can have kingdom impact.


Its OK to be put in some uncomfortable situations that God is in, for the sake of Kingdom impact.


There are certain sicknesses that only the love and power of God can heal. God may put you in a

place that can change lives. God can waken a fresh evangelistic mission in our life to influence our place of work, where we eat, were we exercise, anywhere to show kindness and share Jesus. Look for simple ways to show Jesus in nonconfrontational ways, sowing seed, watering and nurturing growth. When we begin to live missionally, it goes a long way. The tax collectors were the “worst” in that day. Jesus was there to bring healing to the souls of those who needed Him – from all walks of life.


Matthew 9:13  Jesus said, “I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices”.

Many other verses reinforce this:

1 Samuel 15:22  Obedience is better that sacrifice.

Psalm 40:6  He wants us to take joy in doing His will.

Psalm 51:16  He wants a broken and repentant heart.

Jeremiah 7:21-23  He desires our obedience and He promises He will be our God and we will be His people.

Hosea 6:6  He wants us to show love. He doesn’t want offerings. He wants us to know Him.

Amos 5:21  God hates pretense and hypocrisy. He wants to see justice roll on like a river of righteous living.

Micah 6:6  God wants us to do what is right, love mercy and walk humbly with Him.

To the religious pharisees, He was saying: you are missing the point. To us: look at the life of Christ.


Paramount Point:

Religious activity can never satisfy what He really wants—which is a pliable, honest, open heart.


Is your heart pliable? Are you open to growth: Do you think you have it all figured out because you’ve gone to church for years? Let Him connect with you where needed. What is God trying to teach you to get to heart level? Come to God with a broken heart. Ask Him if there is anything He wants you to change. It takes a sincere and humble person to ask God to show how to fully commit, serve better, worship more intimately, understand the Word better.  He’s looking for intimacy and relationship with the Father as we honor Him in all things.


Matthew 9:13

Jesus wasn’t looking for religious endeavors, but for mercy and living right. We need to be hungry for God. At Faith Chapel, we need hungry people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles-all linking arms and running after Jesus. His glory will be in this place. Lives will change.


Pastor Josiah introduced Ryan Williams, a friend for 17 years.  Ryan told his story:  In his 20’s he was a MMA fighter, doing well with his job. Then he was injured and went from the mountaintop to the valley. He became addicted to pain medication in this dark season of his life.

A praying mom encouraged him to go to church. Ryan came to Faith Chapel, joined the young adult group and now serves on the worship team. God surrounded him with Godly people. Josiah and Ryan are very different people from very different worlds, but found a common place in the Lord. Ryan has discipled many because he loved people from all walks of life. He carries a heart with a broad perspective to see the potential in people. Jesus released grace in his life, helping him to be a light to many people.


Faith Chapel should be a church with many different people, from different backgrounds, all hungry and passionate for the Lord. We may look different, but look at the fruit. Whether polished or rough, the fruit is undeniable. As Pastor George said when Faith Chapel was founded, “Whosoever will, may come”.


Matthew 9:14-15

Jesus wanted the disciples to see the moment they were in. Something fresh was being presented.

A new wine is being poured at Faith Chapel. We need a new wineskin. It may not look like it was. As long as we focus on Him, it’s a day of extended grace. Jesus came to offer life in this new season. God is up to something fresh and different. God will meet us in this place.


We need to be pliable to hear from God. Pastor Josiah prayed for dozens with eye problems and for those who have felt stuck in their relationship with God and those around them.


Josiah went on to say that this is a moment to repent for any attitudes we might have about those who aren’t like us. Pray to see them as brothers and sisters, even when they are different. Pray against a judgmental attitude. Pray for ministries of Faith Chapel to reach all—from all walks of life, all experiences, all cultures, and all ages. We come to God in a spirit of repentance for labeling people, not accepting people, and when things are different. God is doing a new thing.


Holy Spirit, you are in control. We want to be obedient. May the sick be healed. May the broken be put back together. May all recognize that they are beloved of God. May we mature at Faith Chapel and be hungry for God! Shake us up today to “Culture like Christ” and to glorify Jesus!


Submitted by Debby Jarrell

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