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The heart behind Intentional 21

Fasting is a powerful tool. The benefits of that tool are enormous when used properly. Setting aside seasons of time to fast & pray (WHICH SHOULD ALWAYS GO HAND N' HAND), denies the flesh and invests in the spirit. It's a time of rearranging priorities and ensuring the focus of your heart is on God and not on peripheral things.

We tend to live in a world where the battle to keep peripheral things in the periphery is more and more challenging. It takes an intentional individual and lifestyle to keep those things in their proper place. If we don't, hobbies or simple interests quickly slide down a slippery slope into idolatry. God is replaced with mundane things that weren't inherently evil but they also weren't kept in their proper place. Intentional 21 is a season of recalibration which beckons it's participants into a lifestyle.

We're inviting the whole church to join us on a 21 day fast from January 7th-28th. God is doing some remarkable things within our church and this is not a moment to slow down. We must stay engaged with what the Spirit of God is doing in our midst and follow Him closely.

I'm also aware that some people have been in the church their whole lives and have never fasted. Please reconsider this and prayerfully consider fasting. HOWEVER, the reason we're calling this time "Intentional 21" is because I'd rather you intentionally spend time and attention engaging with God during these 21 days whether you do or do not undergo any dietary restrictions. I believe the Lord looks at the heart and your participation in this season to pray, worship, study, serve, give, lead and seek will bless you and those around you powerfully! Be intentional with your time and with the Lord during this season even if there's no change to what you eat. Bottom line, do what you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you to do. Just provoke and challenge yourself to remain engaged with Him with great intentionality during this season.

There will be an email sent out on a daily basis with a "Daily Engagement" newly created by staff and leaders within the church during this time. It'll act as an encouragement and guide for you each day. We want to equip you to engage with God with tools we've found helpful in our own pursuits of the Lord. Simply click the link above and fill out the short form to receive these daily emails during Intentional 21.

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