This unisex necklace looks great on anybody. It's nickel free and is smooth on all edges.

I WANT MORE Necklace Leather

  • How satisifed are you with where you're currently at with your relationship with God? He is never tapped out, we're the ones that diminish our desire for more. Our passion for more of Him as He yearns for more of us is tied to faith. We believe our cry for more pleases Him and it becomes a posture of our heart. Never get stuck. Make the cry of your heart..."I WANT MORE!"


    Based off of Rev.2:4 where the church of Ephesus is applauded for doing a lot of others things right, but there is still one thing stacked against them, the fact that they had lost their first love. It's our desire that we would never lose our first love devotion and passion to King Jesus. Refusing to get complacent, our desire is to fan into flame on a daily basis, our first love...Jesus!