Happy New Year! We hope you all have had an amazing holiday season and were able to soak in the JOY that comes with celebrating there birth of our Savior. We have said goodbye to 2020, and boy what a year it has been! Unforeseen challenges and changes of plan, we are reminded of how many blessings we have to celebrate! For one thing, little Julia joined our family. She has brought so much joy to our lives and her smile just lights up the room. We are also thrilled to celebrate the completion of 4 new churches in 2020. Our last newsletter shared about the first 2, and since then 2 more have been completed.

Church #3, in the town of Salinas, was dreamed of long before it was ever built. Years ago, the pastors, Pablo and Claudia, were newly married and fresh out of Bible College. While on their honeymoon, they felt God speak to them about starting a church in this community. After lots of hard work, relationship building, and much prayer, there is now a faithful congregation meeting each week! It was wonderful that they were able to purchase a property to call their own, but the abandoned building on it was quite simple and run down. One time when Steve preached down there, it started raining...both outside AND inside thanks to the leaky roof! They were definitely in need of a new building! In just one week, with the help many volunteers in Uruguay and in the US, we were able to build a permanent structure that is dry and safe for them to meet each week. No more rain puddles around their feet during the service. The cherry on top was the dedication of the church coincided with the wedding anniversary of Pablo and Claudia - such a reminder of God's faithfulness.

Church #4in Lorenzo Geyres included its own set of miracles as well! One of the coolest testimonies we saw was of a young guy. who had never been to church before, but he was invited to a soccer outreach and that's when her heard the Gospel message for the first time. He gave his life to Christ and even volunteered the whole week to help build the church. Everyone worked extremely hard that week, but it didn't stop them from ending the day with a soccer game each night! So fun!

Looking ahead to 2021, we are believing for the completion of seven new churches this year! Thank you for partnering with us in this dream!


Steve & Jill, Lucus, Josh, & Julia

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