Update from Robin Dixon

Hey friends! Well if you haven't heard, seen, or read by now; I am officially Fully Appointed! Thank you all dearly for your love, prayers, and giving towards this process and the work in Africa! I love you guys and thank God for each of you.

So now what??

Now I raise my budget and work towards getting back to my team, friends, and the on-going amazing work being done in the Horn of Africa. I can't wait to get back! The Lord is doing some incredible things in the hearts, minds, and spirits of our friends. My new budget is higher than it was before, however with wonderful on-going supporters like you, I am at about 38% of my monthly budget. Thank you!! I need $3,329 in monthly commitments to be fully funded. If you are interested in being a new monthly partner, raising your commitment, or me speaking about life and work in Africa, I would love to connect with you! All my contact info is at the bottom of this. Message me! Or if you'd simply like to connect as the friends/family that we are while I'm here the next year, I'd love that too! I look forward to connecting as I travel and share my story, what's happening in Africa, and what needs there are!

Prayer Requests:

•New monthly partners, budget raised

•Connections as I book services and share with people

•Pray for me as I navigate connecting with friends and partners to raise funds through COVID!

•Continue praying for our team leaders Chris and Brandi, their family, and health.

•Pray for opportunities for intentional relationships and conversations with locals and students to continue to grow during this time.

•Pray for long-lasting rooted growth in New Believers

•Pray for the local believers as they endure hardships.

•Pray for the spiritual warfare that naturally comes when we are working for Him.

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