Stay in the Boat

What an ENCOURAGING message Joe shared on Sunday!

He shared a message about the STAYING

What do YOU do as you face storms and trials? What do YOU do when you feel like God has promised you something but you’re not quite there yet?

Joe ENCOURAGED us to STAY “in the boat”, to STAY where you currently are in life.

He listed several reasons why staying is so important

The one that stood out to me is: “it helps you become ALL God has WANTED you to be!”

As our nation faced a pandemic and everything became standstill those dreams, those plans we had for placed on hold.

Perhaps even a year later you still feel STUCK, DISCOURAGED where you are!


STAY where you are, allow the ROOTS to grow deep as you CLING on to Jesus!

Allow HIM to PLANT and MOLD you right where you are this season!

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