Renewed (Week 1)

Pastor Brian shared an ENCOURAGING message on being RENEWED!!

As we ALLOW God to RENEW us on the inside, our lifestyle and our actions will follow!

Let us CONTINUE to stay in step with the Holy Spirit!

Let us be COMMITTED to walk a different walk and put on a NEW self!

Our associate pastor Josiah Elias wrote in his book Fuel the Fire: “Everything Jesus did flowed from a reservoir of passion for His father and for humanity. So, if we were to be Christ–like, we absolutely must draw from the same reservoir. Passion is the fuel that can drive our very existence as sons and daughters hungry for the King of kings!”

I BELIEVE that in order for us to be renewed by the Holy Spirit, we have to have the DESIRE, the DETERMINATION, the PASSION, and the nudge or perhaps the still small voice in your heart drawing you to the Father!

Our overall goal in this is to be CHRIST-LIKE! To REFLECT His nature, to BEAR the FRUIT!

Day by day REFLECT on your life. Are you keeping in step with the Spirit? Do you DESIRE to be renewed?

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