Renewed Church

On Sunday Pastor Brian shared a message about being renewed as a church!

He shared several points including how a renewed church understands that GOD gives growth!

We as the church body need to CONTINUE to be FAITHFUL in showing Jesus to our community! There are so many people who NEED to hear the Gospel! And if we remain faithful in sharing our testimony to others, sharing the love of God to those who DESPERATELY need to hear about it, we can be CONFIDENT that God will GROW the church in HIS TIMING!

We need to EMBRACE the new season God is taking us through as a church! Pastor Brian expressed how he felt God telling him God is taking the church in a new direction this year and we CANNOT look back to how church was before COVID! Let’s EMBRACE what God is doing and RUN with Him!

As we look FORWARD to being a renewed church this year, let us CONTINUE to use the GIFTS God has given us to SERVE faithfully! Let us CONTINUE to COME to our local church for COMMUNITY and embrace them! Let us CONTINUE to PRAY for one another, lift each other up and let us RUN with God with where He is taking us this year and beyond!

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