Pastor Dresselhaus’ Zadok | A Summary and Reflection

October 31st, 2022

Zadok-do you remember his name? I did not either. My eyes skimmed over the verses with his name in them, but my brain did not store that name in the long-term memory bank. Pastor Dresselhaus reminded us of who he was. Zadok was the high priest during David’s and Solomon’s reigns. Zadok’s life and ministry were important in the history of the kingdom. Not only did he assist King David when his son, Absalom, tried to overthrow David, but Zadok was also significant person in bringing Solomon to the throne and officiating at his coronation (

Pastor Dresselhaus cited several Scriptures to establish the spiritual decline of Israel and the faithfulness of Zadok and his family, but here are just two.

A horrible shocking thing has happened in the land.

The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority,

and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

Jeremiah 5:30-31 (NIV)

This will be for the consecrated priests, the Zadokites, who were faithful

in serving me and did not go astray as the Levites did when the Israelites

went astray. Ezekiel 48:11 (NIV)

These two portions display the contrast between the Israelites in general and Zadok, the High Priest, and his family. The Israelites wandered away, rebelled, and loved lies instead of

following the LORD. Zadok and his descendants faithfully lived, fully committed to the LORD.

After introducing us to Zadok, his life, and ministry, Pastor Dresselhaus made three main points: 1) generational mandates 2) unswerving devotion to God 3) the place of ministry is at the altar.

The first is the generational mandate. What does that phrase mean? It means that a previous age group shares instruction and direction with its descendants. Pastor grew up in Iowa, and each farmhouse had a piano and piano bench in it. That piano bench stored many treasures. As a young boy, Pastor would find eight by ten prophetic pictures of Jesus’ return. Those pictures built a foundation in Pastor’s life, and it showed him that God had a plan. In Zadok’s time, even though the Israelites strayed far from the LORD, Zadok and his descendants remained faithful to the LORD and His Word. For five hundred years, twenty generations believed and lived for the LORD. What a legacy! We, as Christ followers, have that same mandate to share with the young ones in our families-to pray for them, to share Jesus with them, and to let them know that He has a plan for their lives.

The second point is unswerving devotion to God. In today’s society, we see events, trends,

and practices that were never considered or allowed in previous times. TV programs are not like “Father Knows Best” or “The Perry Como Show.” These are slippery times. In order for your peers to “accept” you, you might feel the need to “go along with the flow” and not point out the Bible’s perspective on the matter. Pastor advised us to stand firm in the LORD. However, Zadok did not follow the Israelites. He followed the LORD and so did his descendants. “If everyone goes astray, let us be Zadokites. We are not going to budge-not out of self-righteousness but brokenness.” We need to stand with God’s Word, to stand for the LORD, and to live for the LORD!

Finally, a place of ministry is at the altar. “Let’s be altar builders, altars of worship, altars of

ministry unto the LORD. Prayer meetings are planting a seed.” As we were worshiping in song, Pastor felt we were at the altar. Our October 2nd prayer meeting was well attended; about seventy-five people came. Pastor Dresselhaus attended and planned to attend the November 6th prayer gathering at 6:00pm. He encouraged FC to come together and pray, pray, pray! He shared this prayer he had written:

LORD, the longing of my heart is to find my place of prayer at the altar….

Make my heart free from compromise and idolatries, free from worldly pursuits and

ambitions. Give me an undivided heart, a passion for holiness, a longing after you.

As Psalm 84:3 says Pastor wants ‘a place near your altar, LORD Almighty, my King and

my God.” (NIV)

May we also pray this prayer of submission, surrender and unswerving devotion to our

LORD. In these slippery times, we need to exercise the generational mandate of sharing

the LORD and His plans to the generations, to remain unswerving in our love and

devotion to God, and to have a place of ministry at the altar-to pray for our unsaved

loved ones and prodigals, to pray with those in need, and to pray for our nation for


Written by Larry and Annette Linthicum

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