Easter on the Mount

Yesterday we celebrated Easter, RESURRECTION Sunday on Mount Helix!!

What a SPECIAL day it was to be able to gather together as a church family!

I came across this post from author Lysa TerKeurst three years ago where she wrote this: “On the other side of every hardship is a resurrection.

I know it’s hard in the waiting. It’s difficult to keep going when we’re not sure what God’s doing. That’s why we must get into His Word and choose to believe that what God has said He will do will be done. Instead of focusing on the problems, we can have a resurrection mindset that holds fast to God’s promises.

Good is coming!”

I want to ENCOURAGE you all that whatever hardship you’re facing, whatever trial you’re struggling with- do NOT give up! Cling into the “resurrection mindset”!

CLING onto the Father, the One who KNOWS the outcome of your story, the One who has the power of resurrection life!

Jesus died to SAVE us from our sins, serving as the sacrifice! NOTHING is too hard for Him! Bring the difficulties to Him, lay them at His feet! SURRENDER your cares to our Good Father!

And HOLD FAST because your Resurrection Sunday is coming! Keep BELIEVING it, keep DECLARING it!!

And it WILL come to pass!

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