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CAPS Guest Speaker Janelle Moreno | Summary and Reflection

For twenty-three years, CAPS Pregnancy Care Clinics have been celebrating unborn children and supporting pregnant women. The ladies receive sonograms, and 94% choose life. Janelle Moreno, a long time FC member and CAPS representative, shared two short videos about the impact of the CAPS program and the location of the four clinics in operation. Janelle introduced Lori Wright, a CAPS volunteer and woman who shared her redemption story.

Lori cited two verses with the first being Romans 8:1. “Therefore, there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.” (NIV) For Lori who had an abortion at eighteen, this verse rings so true. Jesus forgave Lori after she confessed her sin to Him. And like Lori, the LORD forgives us when we repent of our sins and seek to follow Him obediently. Though He forgave Lori, there was a consequence which was the inability to have children.

Lori’s second verse is Romans 8:2- “because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who

gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.” (NIV) For Lori, the Lord has freed her as she has studied His Word and been healed through His mercy and grace. For ten years, Lori has volunteered at CAPS. Lori stated, “Abortion kills babies and hurts the mothers.” But through CAPS, women are able to receive post abortion support and care. Hundreds of women have been healed through mentorships, Bible studies and other support. Women have accepted Jesus as their LORD and Savior. What Satan has meant for evil, the LORD can and has turned to good.

During 2023, CAPS is planning to open a fifth clinic in San Diego. Through these clinics, lives are saved and hearts are healed. May we intercede for CAPS to continue to celebrate the unborn children and support pregnant women. Another way to contribute to CAPS is through collecting and saving change in a bottle or jar and bringing it to church. We praise the LORD for CAPS and its out reach.

Written by Larry and Annette Linthicum

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