Appointed Week 2

This week, Pastor Brian continued our Appointed Sermon Series by talking about our identity!

His MAIN point was: ”If you don’t know your WHO, you can’t find your WHAT!”

If we don’t know WHO we are, we won’t know our purpose!

We CANNOT have our identity be our careers or our current educational status.

Let us NOT CLING to the things we know will pass away!

Let us FIRST identify ourselves as “CHILDREN of the MOST HIGH GOD!”

EMBRACE God alone! CLING to HIM, His teachings, His PROMISES!

Pastor Brian went through a few as we remind ourselves of WHOSE we are, including: “being GOD’S POSSESSION!!”

How BLESSED are we as we said “yes” to Jesus, we immediately became part of His family! How BLESSED are we to be able to have UNLIMITED access to our Heavenly Father day and night!!

We are HIS! The ONLY creation MADE in HIS LIKENESS!! The ONLY ones made to REFLECT His IMAGE!!!

As we embrace WHO we are, as Pastor said last week, we will be APPOINTED and ANOINTED by HIM in the plans and purposes He has DESIGNED us for!!

I ENCOURAGE you to mediate this week of being God’s CHOSEN one! THANK Him and PRAISE Him for being a good Father who is in control of our lives and He KNOWS what is the BEST for us!

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