Such an INSPIRING message Pastor Brian shared on Palm Sunday about Jesus being the Anointed!

He shared five truths to remember as we go our “long road” in our faith journey, including:

“Obedience, without understanding, is required to follow Jesus!”

That’s FAITH!!

That’s what God wants to GROW within us!

That’s what will bring us out of our COMFORT zone!

Are YOU willing to take that FIRST step and OBEY what God has been asking you

To do NO matter how crazy it seems?!

When God is in it, we can TRUST Him FULLY and COMPLETELY and have a PEACE that SURPASSES our understanding!

We can TRUST Him to be our GUIDE on the journey ahead, taking ONE step at a time!

He ALREADY knows what lies ahead for us! He has already PREORDAINED our steps!

Now it’s up to YOU to SURRENDER the control of leading yourself and CLING to the ONE who has COMPLETE control and promises to be with us EVERY step of the way!

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