Aaron & Sara - Turkey

A special THANK YOU to you, our partnership team! As career AGWM missionaries, we’ve had two financial goals. One being the monthly budget which you’ve just heard we are at 86% in commitments. The second one, that some may not know about, is a “Cash Budget”. This cash budget is separate than our monthly and is used to launch us. Our cash budget was $46,090. So, another huge praise report is that it has been raised in full!!! Because of you, our partnership team, faithfully giving monthly, it has accumulated over these months of our itinerating and is now complete. This is huge! It is very common for missionaries to have a whole other separate fundraising for their cash budget towards the end of itineration. Thanks to each and every one of you! Thank you for not giving up on us! Thank you for continuing to give and continuing to pray.

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